Strategies for Auditory Learners to Succeed in School

Auditory learners benefit most from traditional teaching methods whereby teacher gives instruction verbally or delivers information via lecture. There are more we can do to enhance their learning experiences based on auditory learning preferences.
auditory learners
If you were to observe the children in a class, these are the ones who can follow instruction after being told once or twice.

You will also notice some kids like to talk it out as they process new information. Or, have you heard them humming to themselves when there is no music playing around?

Ways to Leverage the Strength of these Auditory Learners:

Read to the Child

They prefer listening to stories rather than reading stories. Read to the child will definitely arouse his interest.
This is also an opportunity to play some fun reading activities as they enjoy sound.
  • play rhyming word games with nursery rhymes or make up some silly rhymes together.
  • ask child to predict how story end.
  • revisit an old favorite by reading aloud after you. Pause to let him fill in the words or phases.
For older kids, let them read out comprehension stories. Use oral question and answer method can be more effective versus written.
Instead of stocking up physical books, you may want to consider audio books.

Oral Repetition

Reciting information to himself as he learns to internalize new information is helpful to the child.

Let the child uses oral repetition in learning how to spell and memorizing multiplication tables. Constant reciting loud information makes it easier for him to remember.

_Learn Math with Math Songs

If need be, use math songs to enhance his learning experience. It will be so much fun for the kid to learn times tables using songs. This is applicable for young kids to learn how to count.

Group Discussion

It will be helpful if they study in a group, as they will learn best through discussion or explaining things to others.

Tips to Overcome Auditory Learning Weaknesses:

Though it is important to support your child learning preference, as parents, we need to help them to overcome or coup with some of their weaknesses.

Some kids may not be good at reading written instructions. Advise him to read out written instructions several times so that he can understand better. If a science topic on dinosaur is taught by touching clay figures in school, revise the subject through question and discuss with your child orally.

With technology, many audio materials are currently available for one to learn. You can get books-on-tape or music and made these readily available at home.
Simply talk to your child more often or enjoy listening to stories together as you bring up an auditory learning child.


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