How Playing Video Games Can Be Instructional for Kids

- by AJ (guest - freelance journalist)
Most children love to spend their time playing video games. This is something which worries a lot of parents because they think that it may be detrimental to their child’s progress. Nevertheless, there are a lot of benefits associated with video games for boys and girls. Research and studies show that when it comes to video games they can actually be instructional and help your child’s educational development.
parents playing video games with kids

Help develop key problem solving skills

Online games are extremely beneficial when it comes to problem solving. A child’s mind will become accustomed to finding solutions for different problems and issues. When it comes to a game they are given their components and their end target, it is then up to them to figure out how to get to the end result. This is something which is parallel to how problem solving works in the ‘real world’ – so to speak. Thus, by playing video games children adapt their brains to operate strategically and this is something that will serve them well later in life. In fact, a psychologist at Fordham said that children think more strategically compared to adults because of this association with online game playing.

More inclined to think scientifically

Research has shown that children who play games are more likely to think scientifically. These games link towards the mathematics and problem solving factor which is associated with the point mentioned earlier as well.  It is a fun way of getting children introduced into all of these academic areas.

Children will soon become computer masters

Using a computer is something which is considered an essential in the modern day. In order to do school work, in order to get a job in the future and even to do simple day-to-day tasks you need to be able to use a PC and the internet effectively. The sooner your child learns how to do this the better it will be for them. When children learn things from an early age it becomes easier and almost second nature to them. Getting your child to play online games is a fun and easy way to introduce them to the world of technology.

Games help children get into the right thought process for tests

Online games for boys and girls can be extremely beneficial for children when it comes to preparing them for tests and examinations that they will take at school. This is because the process of a game is similar to the process of a test. There are two key reasons as to why this is the case. First and foremost, when you take a test you need to use your memorization skills. This is no different to when you play a game. You will need to remember where things were in the game and what different things do and mean. Moreover, when it comes to playing games you need to think fast. This is no different to a test; you need to ensure that all the questions are answered before the time is up. Nevertheless, you need to answer them efficiently and effectively in order to be successful.

As you can see, there are many parallels between playing online games and the way in which you tackle problems relating to schoolwork. In this sense, games can be very instructional for young children.

Contributor Author bio –
AJ is a freelance journalist. For this article she used Cartoon Network to research games for boys and girls.


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