7 Considerations When Selecting Children
Learning Games and Activities

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There are many varieties of learning games. Children learning games may come in the form of toys, online games, PC/video games or entertaining activities for kids. Most, if not almost all, claim to be of educational value to kids.

It can be confusing when choosing kids' educational games. Some games are labeled with age group. Parents frequently use this information to determine if it is appropriate for the child. There are many considerations when we select learning games for kids.

What is my Child Learning Level?

Some games come with age group label but every child is an individual. Each child may have different learning speed. Some child may be a fast or slow learner for her age group. We need to apply the appropriate stimulation such that the child learns what she requires.

Is it Simulating according to My Child Learning Preference?

Every child has a preferred learning style. Some kids are visual learners while others may be auditory or kinesthetic learners. Study your child to determine what the best learning style is for him. Play games according to his learning preference will help your child to learn easily.

What are the Skills and Knowledge Can the Games Offer?

Based on the child's learning needs then we determine if the games can fulfill the learning requirements. Even though the game may match the skills and knowledge required, we have to evaluate if there is any violent element in the games.

Some activities or games involve some form of hitting, shooting or killing. For example, an online game requires the kid to shoot an animal when learning alphabet. It is inappropriate to teach children to kill animals and learn alphabet at the same time.

Are the Games' Rules Govern by Adults or Child-Driven?

Children learn best when they are free to explore. When children learning are governed by adult rules, kids may get frustrated. The frustration will kill their learning interest immediately. Allow them to define rules and explore freely helps to unleash their creativity.

Does it Help to Unlock the Creativity in My Child?

Learning should take place without hindering child creativity. Choose a game or educational toy as simple as possible. Consider some quality math manipulatives instead of electronic gadgets.

We may see some math manipulative as just a few simple pieces of blocks. You will be amaze what the kids can do with them.

Is the Game Active Entertainment?

We have to be able to differentiate active and passive learning. Children watching educational program on TV is a passive learning. Preferably, learning should be an active entertainment.

Children learn best when all senses are stimulated. Exploring garden and playing outdoor games are some of the best learning games for kids.

What are the Advertisements on those Online Learning Games?

There are more challenges if you are looking for free online learning games for kids. In addition to the violent element mentioned above, do take note of the advertisements presented on the page with the games.

From my experience, I saw sexually provocative, skimpy dressed and violent monstrous cartoons along side the games. Kids may click on those advertisements out of curiosity. Parents have to determine if these are healthy exposure to our kids.

Select kids learning activities and games with care. No one game or activity can address all the needs. We should choose a collection of appropriate learning games with educational value. Play, teach and have fun with your kids while inspire them the passion for life long learning.


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