Teachable Moments during Christmas Season

Christmas activities for kids need not be just fun but can be valuable learning lessons for them during this holiday season.

With Christmas round the corner, some of you will be doing the inevitable; last minute Christmas shopping!  If you are hard up for some ideas on what Christmas activities and games to entertain kids, here are some recommendations.

Christmas Activities for Kids

Teaching Tradition

With days leading to true old-fashioned Christmas day; you may like to dabble in a little history and geography for the younger ones, from Christ’s miraculous birth; Joseph and Mary’s “no room in the inn” adventure to the 3 wise men. You may like to create Christmas printable quiz games base on Jesus’ birth story or have the little ones tell you what they would do if they were in Joseph and Mary’s shoes. It will be interesting! Be sure to tape it and have a good laugh later.

Learning Math

Learn measurement - As with most festive seasons, we cannot run away from food. Involve the children in baking cookies. In the process of baking, they learn about measurement, timing and volume. Not to mention, they pick up the art of baking as well.

Value of Money – Teach kids to make smart spending decision with a budget. Planning Christmas party and gifts for family and friends with limited budget is not easy. Get kids involved in the planning of “party fund”, “gift fund” and “charity fund” etc. Get them to prioritize a wish list. Help them to reflect on what they want. This exercise set the habit of comparing options and weighting trade offs to make a wise spending decision.

Counting with Christmas songs - what better way to learn counting than practice 12 Days of Christmas song with your young ones. Stage this song presentation to families and friends after Christmas dinner will motivate children to perform their best.

Addition and Subtraction – play a simple game using Christmas themed math worksheet to see who can do the math fastest.

Create and Personalize Card

Instead of running the aisles eyeballing that perfect Christmas card/cards, make your own! It is meaningful and has that personal touch.

Children love craft and getting them to hand-made some for family members is always easy. Such personal touched items are highly appreciated especially to the grandparents. Some suggestions for the Christmas cards are

-    Use child/children/family’s photos as background or borders to create personalized cards. Using the same artwork allows you the flexibility of choosing the colors accordingly.

-    Include a little poem, verses composed by your little ones, adding a Christmas joke or perhaps even a secret recipe.

Other Christmas activities for kids

Fun Word Find

There’s always the time-consuming Christmas Fun Word Find to engage kids after dinner. It is also a time to learn new words and meaning. Give them tips by providing the meaning of the hidden word; such as: A selfish person who is unwilling to give or spend (Scrooge), The legendary patron saint of children; an imaginary being who is thought to bring presents to children at Christmas (Santa), A vehicle mounted on runners and pulled by horses or dogs; for transportation over snow (sleigh), and so on…

Present Christmas Gifts with a Difference

You could fashion Piñatas out of papier-mâché or even cloth. Its shape is entirely up to you, being creative! Within these Piñatas, all sorts of yummy goodies and little gifts of your choice are enclosed. Gather the children, turn off the lights or have them blindfolded and let them “work” for their gifts by breaking/hitting the Piñatas with a stick. All these while, you could create some cheer and atmosphere by singing carols in the background.

For those busy do-it-all parents, this is the teachable moment to instill responsibility for older children. Get the children involved from start to finish also help to lessen our load.

This assignment gives kids an opportunity to relish the experience of gift-making/purchasing to wrapping, to writing out personal cards. Give children the opportunity to suggest dinner menu and ownership of the feast wherever possible. It teaches them the art of hosting, planning and budgeting. It can prove useful when they are older and hosting on their own.

Christmas activities for kids can be fun, enjoyable and good learning lessons for the children.



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