3 Simple Tips to Motivate Children Learning Interest

Kids' learning experience can determine a child interest in learning. Learning is a complex process. It involves how one feels while learning takes place. Positive learning experiences motivate learners. It is important for parents and teachers to support kids emotionally while they learn. It can inspire the kids the passion for learning in years to come. Here are a few things we can do to help them:

Listen - listen to our kids

Lend them your ears. Listen to their difficulties and concerns. Make time to listen to your kids talk about school and his feeling. Give them as much time as we can and pay attention to what they are telling us. It is through active listening, parents can learn about their difficulties and concerns they faced.

My children usually tell me about their days in school during dinnertime. This is the time when they share with me how and what they feel about the happenings in school.

Take the opportunity to help kids sort out any learning problems they may encounter. However, take note not to give negative remarks when they share their feelings with us.

Encourage - provide encouragement and boost kids' self-confidence

Making mistakes is part of learning process. Do not criticize the child for the mistake. Provide encouragement by getting them to try again and help them to correct the mistake.

I noted that one of the common mistakes most parents did is to correct the child as the child reads. There is no need for us to keep correcting his reading all the time. Simply point a few. Let him complete his reading. It is very demoralizing and disturbing for the child if we keep pointing the mistakes as he reads.

Do remember to give praise when the child did something correctly. It also serves as reinforcement.

Involve - involve in their learning

Children will take learning seriously if they know we care. There are many ways for parents to involve in our kids' learning.

- We can try to understand each child learning preference.
- Let your child teach you something he learns.
- Involve in the school activities.


09/28/2016 10:05pm

Children grow and learn through play. It is especially important for nursery school aged children (three and four years old) to be involved in play to help them grow socially/emotionally, cognitively, and physically. Social/emotional helps the children learn how to interact with other people.

12/28/2016 10:08pm

If we want our child to be an excellent student, we need to stop limiting learning to the walls of his classroom. Although the skills he's learning there are crucial to his intellectual and social growth, our child needs our help to open up the world of ideas. Their renewed joy in discovery will transfer to his schoolwork. This in return will boost his academic achievement too! Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips with us. I will definitely share this with my fellow teachers. Have a nice day!

11/07/2016 3:49am


11/07/2016 4:42am

Although these three tips are the basics but there are also other important tips that one should not follow.

12/02/2016 2:01am

Hmm, I think this might work out. I will definitely try these tips.

12/09/2016 7:01am

Thanks for the tips, I have gone through them and will surely use them.


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