Why a Growth Mindset is Important to a Child Learning?

Many factors affect a child learning attitude. I came to learn about the importance of growth mindset from the Head of School in one of our private schools here......
In the previous newsletter, I mentioned having growth mindset as a tip for surviving primary school for parents and also a good attribute to cultivate in our children. A Growth Mindset means that a person believes that he/she or others can progress and improve their skills, knowledge and abilities or whatever they set out to do. It means that it is alright to say 'I can't do it...Yet' or 'I will keep trying and I will get better‘. It is having a positive approach when we are trying to learn or achieve what we are set on doing. Having such a mindset is important to us as parents, teachers and students.
The experts have agreed that people with growth mindset have certain traits which are listed below:

- They do not waste time feeling sorry for themselves. Self-pity is a destructive component of the human psyche and will create a negative approach to most things that happen to you in life. You see, the goal is replaced by self-pity with a sense of relief.

- They do not shy away from change. In today‘s context "Change is inevitable, change is constant" – Benjamin Disraeli. We tend to resist change due to the risk associated with it. I will be the first to admit that making changes can be a frightening thing to do, but shying away from the suggested change prevents growth and allows others to pass you by. We as adults and students must embrace changes lest we are left behind and stagnate.

- They stand up for themselves. You need to keep a track of your goals and always work towards them. Steven Covey - "Begin with the end in mind."

- They do not focus on things that they can‘t control. Act from your circle of influence. Better to focus on what you can do, and do it well. Do your job! Trying to be in control of everything is a response to anxiety.

- They do not worry about pleasing everyone. You will be stronger and more confident if you stop judging yourself by what you believe other people think of you.

- They do not spend time dwelling on the past. To quote Mother Teresa "Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has yet to come. We have only today. Let us begin." Enjoy the present and look to the future.
When  students,  educators  and  parents  have  a  growth  mindset,  they  understand  that  intelligence  can  be developed. Students focus on improvement instead of worrying about how smart they are. They work hard to learn more and get smarter. As a result they have better motivation in school, score better grades and higher test scores.

Parents  will  realize  that  they  need  to  support  their  children‘s  learning  inside  and  outside  the  classrooms. Collaborate with the teachers and school to ensure that children are challenged and given the opportunity to grow.

Teachers will see that students can be nurtured – can learn and succeed and strive to provide the platform for the students to do and show it.

I hope the idea of a growth mindset will make us view things differently.
Kind Regards,
Mr. Cheah Sin Hock
Head of Sri Tenby Schools

Thank you Mr Cheah for allowing me to re-publish his article on this website.

Check out this article on "Growth Mindset" and the comments. It gives one a good perspective how relevant this strategy can be implemented.


09/13/2016 1:25am

The title of this post hits me so hard. I wholeheartedly agree that a child should have a mindset that has a positive thinking. It helps the kids to learn the importance of growth mindset and taking risks by establishing your expectations for how students talk about themselves and their work. My cousin is a teacher. She shared me everything about her teaching skills and strategies to have a growth mindset on her students. My cousin Believe that students learn best when they are engaged in meaningful work in real world situations.

09/13/2016 2:34am

Agree with you. That's why I decided to share this article in my blog. It is important for us to cultivate this growth mindset in our children.


As much as possible, a child must already learn how to condition their mindset in life at such an early age. By this way, they could be easily prepared and be aware of the reality in this world while growing up. This is also a great way of parenting a child the right and practical way. Some would say that the children are too young for learning such things like that, but it's the reality and we need to make them aware about it at an early age as much as possible. This is a very worth reading article that tackles about something that everyone should really talk and learn about. Thank you so much for discussing such kind of issue and sharing your creative thoughts about it.

Growth Mindset is important to children because that is what they necessitate in order to understand what life is all about. We cannot simply let them live on what they know. We have to expand the things they know, to make them in the future. Kids, really deserves to perform whatever they want in order for them to enjoy childhood, but while enjoying of course they can also learn. This blog will make parents understand more the needs of their kids.

I agree that a child should have established a mindset that has a positive thinking. It helps the kids to learn the importance of growth mindset and taking risks by establishing them to the right path. I am glad that I found your amazing blog and I learned a lot. I like the way on how you inform your readers about this Growth mindset topic. I would definitely share this with my family and friends. I hope It will also help them too. Such a nice and informative blog. I am satisfied with what you have shared with us. Thank you for sharing this with us.

01/13/2017 12:40am

I knew that it is very important! And I'm always trying to keep it in my head!

01/17/2017 9:28am

You are very experienced about it. I will subscribe to your newsletter.

01/25/2017 9:39am

You have described the answer in a very well manner. I will like to share it with my fellow friends.

02/17/2017 4:11pm

It's one of the main assets even adults, not just kids, need. We need to make ourselves very motivated and optimistic. In life, you survive by battling other aspects of life. We rise up if these elements beat us down. We won't last long as long as we don't cultivate that growth mindset within us.


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