Help Your kids spring back into action on First Day of School with Enthusiasms.

After a leisurely summer vacation of flexi-hours and flexi-activities, most children may not be able to spring back into action on the first day of school and get back into gear.

If your kids have been enjoying summer vacation and had a “summer slide”, then you need to prepare your children's brains. Include some brain-stretching activities before heading back to school. Get them prepared, keep them sharp.

Storytelling Chain

This is one of the easiest brain warmer. Have your children string together a story using their initials. Say, if your child is named Thomas Crusoe, he may like to tell a story about his Tabby Cat - a very special multicolored cat with X-rayed eyes! Each person will take turns to say 2 or 3 sentences and let the next person continue. Let your imagination run wild, be creative.
This is a good exercise for children who are shy and slightly poor in language and speech. When they are having so much fun dishing out adventure for this special cat, all inhibitions or shyness will disappear.

Memory Booster Activities

Origami Japanese paper folding is a skill that can foster concentration, improve memory, eye-hand co-ordination and test how well your children follow instructions. These skills are essential for achieving success in school. You can use plain papers so that your children can further expand their creativity by painting their master pieces.

"Who am I?" Riddles

Most children like guessing games and this one is a favorite. History lessons can be boring to some but when you throw in fun, it comes alive! Choose a famous person and ask your children to guess his identity.

Easing the children back into their school routine is important too. Else you can expect them to be cranky or lethargic.
Here are some tips you may like to try to get them ready for school:

- Re-set their internal alarm clock

Prepare your children one week before the actual day with the full works - wake-up/brush teeth/breakfast/dress up routine. Get them to bed earlier by 15-30mins each day and wake up a little earlier each day till their internal body clock adjust to that of their school-day routine. Getting restful sleep boosts better concentrate the next day. This will also save them the trouble of being late for school, missing their car-pool and getting reprimanded by their head mistress.
Once they are dressed and ready to leave the house like a normal school day, pack them with activities. Get their adrenaline pumping.

- Study/Work stations

Allocate an area where your children can complete their daily homework or revision if the previous one didn't work out the way you wanted. You might even consider moving your television set elsewhere for optimum concentration.

- Daily school time-table

After you have established their study-work area, fix a few days studying program with them to get them back into the studying mode. Expand on topics that they have already covered previously by surfing the web together for more in-depth materials. If you know the new year's topics, you may like to check them out as well. New materials offers new challenges and new knowledge.

- Shopping and check-lists

Get ready all necessary items such as school bags, textbooks, stationery, shoes and uniforms. Check that you have all the immunization papers ready before school starts.
You may also like to get their dental check-ups and haircuts out of the way. For hygiene reasons, help them to cut their finger nails if they are still not able to do it by themselves.

- Pantry stock ups

Stock up on healthy cereal for that quick and fuss-free breakfast. Whole grains are a good choice as it helps keep our children filled up. Many studies have shown that breakfast is essential for a healthy body and mind.
If your children like snacks, dark chocolate is recommended for its powerful antioxidant properties. Pack some fruits, carrot or celery sticks into that lunch box for a balanced meal. Smear some peanut butter on them and decorate with some raisins for variety.

To ensure that everything runs without a hitch when school reopens, be sure to conduct trial runs of packing lunch boxes, getting school clothes ready the night before. Have your children post a sticky note on the door for the things that he needs to bring to school.

Avoiding last-minute morning scrambles is a good way to start your school term.


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Kids do really enjoy vacations because during those times, they are able to play all day long. They can go out and play and make friends with other kids. In line with this, back to school scenarios aren't a good thing for some of them. Nevertheless, the tips are really a good way of encouraging them to school. Really thank you for this!


Especially on the first day of school. Students arrive with a mix of emotions. Most, however, are nervous. The reasons vary from child to child, but kids tend to feel anxious about starting school after summer vacation.

10/11/2016 4:18am

This is really true! I should try this suggested activity with my kids. Brain-stretching activities before heading back to school can not only prepare them but also a good bonding idea. Keeping your kids sharp is not just every parents responsibility but also a priority. This type of activity may be a bit complicated to them at first. Yet it is very enjoyable when you get the ball rolling.


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