Prevent Summer Slides with Educational Summer Activities for Kids.

children attending summer workshopMy children learn about fruits in a summer workshop
Stimulation and engage in active learning help children retain learned knowledge. Studies have shown that without stimulation, kids can lose up to 60 percent of what they learned in school during long holidays. Some simple planning in advance is all we need to keep them engage in learning activities.

Plan an Experiential Learning Vacation

Most families enjoy family time by going for vacations. Take this opportunity to get kids involved in planning for holidays. If they are old enough, they can help in research and read up information. Visit places of interest such as museum or memorial park provides learning opportunity for them. Let them write a journal after the trip to reinforce what they have learned.

Turn Passive Activity into Active Learning

Most kids take this opportunity to indulge in TV or computer time to kill their boredom. As parents, we can turn this passive activity into an interactive event by getting some educational DVDs such as buying this “Schoolhouse Rock” interactive DVD - highly recommended by parents. Let them dance and sing away while learning multiplication tables.

Prompt Math Learning on a Regular Basis

There are many opportunities to practice math skills. Let them help out in the kitchen; baking involves measurement and learns about shape. Math is everywhere. We can turn daily chores into fun math activities.
Play store to learn about money if your kid is too young to go grocery shopping with you.

Continue Reading Ritual

If you are reading bedtime story, continue with this nightly ritual even during holiday keep the reading habit going.
There are other guided reading activities to encourage and help your child to become a passionate reader. You can implement them during summer time.

Summer Buster to Kill Kid's Boredom

There are still days when we may hear the inevitable “I’m bored!” from the kids. Try these activities to stretch the kids’ imaginations, unleash their creativity and develop their thinking skills:

- Build Fort and Cave
Let kids have the bedroom for an afternoon. They can use beddings, pillows, cushion, furniture, blankets etc….to construct fort and cave for themselves. You will be surprised how creative the kids can be with their imagination.

- Family Idol Time
Gather all family members; invite friends and relatives over if you want a “Family Idol Gala”. Get the children to be the performers/singers. Let them dress up with old clothes, costumes or anything they can get around the house as accessories. Use kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons, pots etc as musical instruments. Select three adults as the judges and everyone vote for the best “Family Idol”. Everyone will have a fun time.

- Kids Spa Party
It does not matter when or why we need to throw a party. A kids spa party is perfect for all the little young girls and mothers to get together to enjoy themselves.
Have fun creating and trying out all the homemade skincare and beauty products. No worries for your little ones’ delicate skin since you know the ingredients, which go into the beauty products.

- Summer Kids Crafts
We will never go wrong to include craft activities for kids. This is the best time to do some nature craft. You can get some kids’ craft ideas here. Try making craft in an outdoor setting for a change. Enjoy the beautiful sunny day and the summer breeze.

Or, try out some easy science experiments to do at home.


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Summer vacations are generally the happiest period of the student’s life. Summer time is the quality time for the kids. It is the time of simple pleasure and excitements. We should also give them manners. Kids can do anything what they are interested in. They can enjoy with their parents, best friends, neighbors, etc all through the vacation


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Vacation is always a time in which all children (and even adults) look forward to. It is that time wherein they can relax and enjoy all their free time. But it is also a time wherein the knowledge that they learned in school seem to fall into oblivion. During long holidays, children would tend to forget what they learned in school. That is why continuity is important. Of course, we shouldn't force children to read all their textbooks and study. They should still continue learning but they can have fun at the same time. Let them engage in activities that will not only hone their skills, their talents, their mental prowess, but will also let them have all the fun during their vacation.


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